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29th June 2024

Norfolk Ornithologists Association - NOA

At least 12 Spoonbills were again on the Broadwater and a single Black-tailed Godwit and Ruff were also noted. A Little Tern, 14 Sandwich Terns and 2 Fulmars were seen offshore, with 4 Swifts, 10+ Sand Martins, 6 Swallows, a House Martin, 8 Stonechats and a Lesser Whitethroat also recorded.

In the moth traps a Clouded Border 3 Common Footmen, 2 Small Blood-vein, 2 Buff Tips, 7 Haworth’s Pugs, 4 Barred Straws, a White Satin, 12 Cinnabars, a Striped Wainscot, 3 Lyme Grass, 4 Riband Waves, 2 Rustics, 6 Mottled Rustics, a Scarce Footman, 6 Uncertains, a Swallowtail, Willow Beauty, Dark Arches, 2 Sand Darts, a Large Yellow Underwing, 2 Heart & Clubs, 2 Barred Yellows, Short-cloaked Moth, 2 Single Dotted Waves, 8 Dwarf Cream Waves, a Treble Brown Spot and a Buff Ermine were caught.

An Emperor dragonfly was on the wing near the Broadwater hide, and a Large Skipper, 2 Ringlets, 25 Meadow Browns, a Small Heath and a Red Admiral were also recorded.

Norfolk 11.Spoonbills flew NW over Waxham at 2.28pm c52.7785,1.6183
Norfolk 3.Ruddy Shelducks at sea c17mls NE of Happisburgh flew south past boat at 11.18am
Norfolk Wood Sand Cley NWT from Daukes’s Hide at 10.15am 52.9577,1.0545
Norfolk 2.Wood Sands NE of Denver Sluice between River Great Ouse +Relief Channel at Tallymore Farm NR at 7.20am c52.5837,0.3420
Norfolk Night Heron Cley NWT flew west from North Foreland Wood at 8.31am (possibly 2nd bird) c52.9586,1.0650
Norfolk Night Heron Cley NWT again 8.22am flew towards woods c52.9586,1.0650
Norfolk Night Heron Cley again flew west at 7.42am c52.9586,1.0650
Norfolk Night Heron Cley flew west into marsh at 7.37am viewed from East Bank c52.9586,1.0650
Norfolk 2.Wood Sands Denver Sluice at Tallymore Farm NR at 7.20am c52.5837,0.3420
Norfolk 3.Little Gulls Cley on Arnold’s Marsh at 5am c52.9606,1.0651
Norfolk 2.Caspian Gulls y’day Titchwell RSPB