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4th June 2024

Buff tip

A relatively calm morning, turning quite blustery by 11am with a strong south westerly breeze. An early start was rewarded with lovely views of a hunting Short Eared Owl over the marsh. Five Spoonbill were reported on the floods towards Thornham and were later seen flying over the marsh.

On the sea today was 4 Common Scoter, 1 Fulmar, 1 Gannet, 7 Cormorant, 6 Black-headed Gull, 32 Herring Gull, 43 Sandwich Tern, 7 Common Tern, 3 Little Tern and 2 Razorbill.

In the moth trap today was 19 Cinnabar, 1 Peppered, 4 Vines Rustic, 4 Marbled Minor agg., 3 Sharp Angled Peacock, 3 Fern, 1 Sand Dart, 1 Barred Yellow, 1 Small Square Spot, 5 Bordered White, 3 White Ermine, 1 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Lunar Yellow Underwing, 1 Buff Tip, 1 Poplar Hawk, 2 Treble Lines, 2 Brimstone, 1 Middle Barred Minor, 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Spectacle, 1 Sallow Kitten, 2 Mottled Rustic, 2 Straw Dot, 1 Ingrailed Clay, 2 Cochylis atricapitana and 1 Small Elephant Hawk.

Speckled Wood, Brown Argus and Brimstone were all on the wing today.