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Norfolk News from RARE BIRD ALERT
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26th June 2023


A far cooler day with a moderate breeze, 2 Spoonbills, 390 Bar-tailed Godwits, a Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers, 7 Little Terns, 24 Sandwich Terns and 2 Common Terns, 9 Med Gulls, a Bearded Tit, a Willow Warbler, 3 Lesser Whitethroats, 5 Whitethroats, and 4 Stonechats were the highlights for the day.

In the moth traps another good catch included 14 Sand Darts, a Lime Hawk Moth, a Peppered Moth, Small Blood-vein, Swallowtail, 13 Common Swifts, 4 Large Yellow Underwings, Treble Brown-spot ,4 Uncertain, 3 Marbled Minor agg, 2 Vine’s Rustics, 7 Mottled Rustics, a Spectacle, 2 Rustics, a Riband Wave, Shaded Pug, 3 Bright-line Brown-eye, 3 Dark Arches, 6 Heart & Darts, 7 Turnips, 3 Middle-barred Minors, 2 Barred Yellows, a Lime-speck Pug, Small Emerald, 3 Green Oak Tortrix, 2 Common Footmen, 2 Bordered Whites, a Sharp-angled Peacock, Dog’s Tooth, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, 4 Heart & Clubs, 2 Striped Wainscots, a Dwarf Cream Wave, Archer’s Dart, Barred Straw, Obscure Wainscot, Green Pug and Common Wainscot.

A pair of Puss Moths emerged from their coccoons overnight and are pictured.

Norfolk 2.Caspian Gulls (2s +1s) Cromer
Norfolk Glossy Ibis ad y’day Cantley beet factory again on railway lagoon at dusk. Sign in at security upon arrival +follow footpath SE along River Yare. No other access NR13 3SH
Norfolk 3.BEE-EATERS 1/2ml SE of Trimingham still in sand quarry from viewpoint. Park in designated field south of Gimingham Rd/ Mundesley Rd junction 7am-7pm +view only from viewpoint. £5 per person 52.8943,1.3957 NR11 8DZ
Norfolk American Golden Plover ad Cley NWT still 9.22am 1/3ml ESE of beach car park on North Scrape from screen 52.9628,1.0565
Norfolk American Golden Plover ad Cley NWT still 1/3ml ESE of beach car park on North Scrape from screen at 8am