NOA 200 CLUB LOTTERY: January 2021 Draw

Drawn on 7th January 2021, number of shares in the draw: 188

The results are as follows :

Share No. Name Prize
1st Prize 194 B Quarrington £250
2nd prize 68 E Illson £125
3rd prize 49 N Dyson £50
4th prize-1 161 N Watson £25
4th prize-2 1 B Elliston £25
4th Prize-3 245 A K Packer £25
4th prize-4 267 J Law £25
4th prize-5 207 M Quarrington £25

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to everyone who has purchased shares. The next draw will be made in April 2021

We still have tickets available, if you would like to support us please email me at and I will forward an application form. Full details are on the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about your Club membership. Ann Smith

Application forms are also available to download and



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